Tuesday, August 21, 2012


TV listings from the Literary Universe:


9:00 pm: The Bachelor- The contestants attend a ball at Netherfield, after which bachelor Charles Bingley narrows it down to the final five women.
10:00 pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition- "House of Usher" The team helps restore the crumbling family home of a down-on-their-luck brother and sister, who suffer from a debilitating nervous disorder and catalepsy, respectively. 

Discovery Channel

9:00 pm: Deadliest Catch: Cuba  Elderly fishing captain Santiago hunts for marlin in the series premiere of this reality spinoff.
10:00 pm: Man vs. Wild- "Uninhabited Island" Host Robinson Crusoe is dropped on an uninhabited island off the coast of America and must find his way back to civilization.


9:00 pm: A Hobbit's Holiday- "Rafting the Forest River" Host Bilbo Baggins takes a rafting trip from Mirkwood to Lake Town
9:30 pm: A Hobbit's Holiday- "Walking Tours of Mordor"  Frodo Baggins showcases the best routes for simply walking through Mordor. Samwise Gamgee co-hosts.
10:00: Bizarre Foods with Alice- "Wonderland"  Host Alice travels to Wonderland and samples local cuisine, including shrinking drinks and growth cakes.


9:00 pm: Wholesome Eating with Henry Woodhouse- "Gruel: So Good, and So Good for You!" Henry Woodhouse discusses the soothing and healthsome properties of gruel, and shares his favorite recipes.
10:00 pm: Never Be Hungry Again! Budget Meals with Melanie and Scarlett Southern belles Melanie and Scarlett show you how to prepare tasty, homestyle meals without breaking the bank.


9:00 pm: How I Made My Millions- "Scrooge and Marley" Business partners Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley share the story of their success.
10:00 pm: Crime, Inc.- "Booze, Broads, and Blood: The Rise and Fall of Jay Gatsby's Bootlegging Empire" A CNBC special report investigates the meteoric rise and violent end of wealthy bootlegger Jay Gatsby.


9:00 pm: What Really Happened: Inside the Hester Prynne Scandal- The Prynne-Dimmesdale affair was the scandal of the decade. Now, after years of silence, Hester Prynne opens up about her abusive marriage, secret love affair, and public shunning in this exclusive Lifetime interview.
11:00 pm: When Women Kill- Profiles of notorious female murderers Tess Durbeyfield and Lady Macbeth.


9:00 pm: Law & Order: Whoville- The Whoville police force, headed by detective Cindy Lou Who, investigate a baffling case involving the disappearance of the entire town's Christmas paraphernalia.
10:00 pm: Law & Order: Whoville SVU- When an unhatched baby bird is found abandoned by its mother, SVU detective Horton must try to bring the negligent parent to justice while protecting the infant.


  1. Ellie, this is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Ellie--ROTFL. I'm totally cracking up here. :)